Turning Over A New Leaf

June 18, 2008

All right, so I’m on the shortlist of the most hopeless bloggers in the history of blogging, not having written anything since May 2007 but my excuse is that the installation was faulty and I got so enraged trying to publish my entries that I gave up in disgust. The installer says it is now working properly. We shall see. A fresh start. And not all about gardening. I’ve given my word.

Um, er … the thing is, gardening is the perfect antedote to writing and to the credit crunch, Iraq war, and so on but of course it’s a dead bore to many people. Well for once I’ve got something else to write about. Today I’m going to London for the Melissa Nathan Award ceremony for which Girls’ Guide to Kissing Frogs has been shortlisted. Melissa Nathan was a very successful writier of comedy romances…how I LOATHE these categories marketing people have to have …and, very sadly, she died at the age of 37. Her husband has set up this award to commemorate her.  The judges are Jo Brand, Alan Davies, Joanna Trollope, Sophie Kinsella, Jessica Hynes and Gaynor Allen.

I was once shortlisted for the Romantic Novel Award. After a rather disgusting lunch the guest speaker who shall be nameless (a red-haired actress who also makes cakes) began her speech by saying that she NEVER read romantic novels and went on to talk solidly for twenty minutes about herself and her own career. The chairman of the panel of judges, Derek Parker, said that the quality of the entries had been poor and gave us tips on how to improve our writing. We sat smiling stiffly while scorn was heaped on our heads. What’s more, to add injury to insult I didn’t win.

I don’t expect to win tonight. But I hope they will be generous to us poor old dears, trying to earn an honest crust in our own foolish, misguided way. I shall tell all tomorrow


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