Juvenilia (sp)

July 6, 2008

My husband has pointed out that I can’t spell juvenilia …oh well, I did say I had a  poor education. Also that my last post will offend publishers, teachers and politicians and all other sensitive people. But, as I say, there are those who do not deserve to be called lazy, moronic, dim and so forth and they know who they are.

One Response to “Juvenilia (sp)”

  1. Pia said

    Hi, I just dicovered your blog when I was looking for information about your new book… I just need to know how long I must wait for it? I love your books, and have read every single one of them at least twice, so I hope a new one comes along soon!
    Anyway, I want to say thank you for your lovely, witty, funny and beautiful books so far! And now you know that there is a 37-year-old, mother-of-three, book-loving swedish fan waiting for your next book, maybe you could hurry writing it?
    Yours sincerely,

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