New novel ‘Stormy Weather’ now on KIndle

December 27, 2011

I am delighted to report that in the absence of a print edition Stormy Weather is now available as a Kindle e-book from:

I am sorry that no UK publisher has seen its way to publish an English print edition.

Best wishes to you all.

20 Responses to “New novel ‘Stormy Weather’ now on KIndle”

  1. Leone Raffaele said

    I am so excited to have bought this novel. I am reading it at the moment and loving it.
    Thank goodness it has been published.My friends are buying ereaders so they can read this book.
    Cheers, Leone

  2. I am delighted to have a new book by you in any format whatsoever – though I wish I could have a physical copy on my shelf! I have purchased it and am enjoying it so very very much…!

  3. Teresa said

    I am really sorry to hear about the no paper edition.

    Any chance the ebook will be for sale on other places than amazon? Kobobooks, smashwords, something else?

    I am in mainland Europe, I always get redirected to buy ebooks from Amazon US. Amazon US detects through IP where a person is ( or later through where their credit card is issued) and often refuses to sell ebooks, or when they do sell, they add a hidden fee to price ( and stick a big ” free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet” next to price, which is just a lie. They always had a few extra dollars). Meaning, I want to buy your book, and I might, but I would so prefer to not buy it from amazon. It´s not the extra dollars, it´s how angry I get when they refuse to sell me a book, or I have to look at that ” free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet” whenever I buy something and know I am paying more).

    For your information, right now if I use an american IP, your book costs 8.99. My normal IP is 12.64 USD – but I have not tried buying it yet, so not sure if they sell it.

  4. david eldridge said

    Shame some of us have to buy a ‘kindle’ just to read it!
    I have copies of all of your novels upon my groaning bookshelves.
    I suppose this is what some folks call progress ?

    For me, I love the look, feel and smell of “proper books ” !
    cheers, david

  5. Elinor Florence said

    You make me feel sad that I have an iPad rather than a kindle, as I don’t know how to access your new book. Please tell me why any publisher would refuse to publish a book by such an excellent author. Is it a financial issue? I live in Canada and I was able to order the last book, Kissing Frogs, through Amazon. I’ll keep in touch here and hope for some good news about wider access to the latest book. Thank you for providing me with so many hours of pleasure and amusement.

    • Hello Elinor, good to hear from you. Yes, as usual it’s all about money. Supermarkets are now the biggest book retailers in the UK and they have very limited shelf space in each store by comparison with the traditional book shop but many more stores. Also a third to a half of their titles are non-fiction …cookery books footballers memoirs, that kind of thing …and the fiction tends to be beach reads. The result is the publication of fewer titles with a much larger print run. We midlisters …ie doing quite nicely (or we were) with quite good sales (Kissing Frogs sold 20,00 to supermarkets) but not huge best sellers, are out on our ear. Very discouraging but thank goodness for e-books. You can get a free Kindle app by going to the iPad apps. So my husband says and he is clued up about these things. I am a blundering idiot, I’m afraid, hence late reply to your very kind email as I lost it in the ether. Kindest regards, Victoria

      • Elinor said

        Thank you for your reply! I did as your husband suggested, downloaded a free kindle app and purchased Stormy Weather from amazon. It was a treat, as usual. I especially liked meeting Conrad and Marigold again. I enjoy your allusions to Trollope as I have read his novels several times with great enjoyment. I always think of Cold Comfort Farm when I’m reading your novels, also one of my favourites. I’m sure your new novel will be as fascinating as the others since it is the characters and the writing style that give your work so much panache. Thanks again for many, many hours of pleasure.

  6. I am a huge fan and have just downloaded Stormy Weather. I must admit that my Kindle is my best friend and so I love to find the books I want to read in e-form.

  7. Melanie Barthelme said

    Have a Kindle, thank goodness, and have ordered Stormy Weather and am loving it, but very disappointed not to be able to buy as a “real” book, as I love the physical object-ness of them and gadgets such as the Kindle always make me tense. Still, it’s a wonderful thing to have your newest in whatever form and I am excited about reading it. Any chance it might still come out in print form sometime in the future?

    And would you mind terribly giving us a hint about what you are working on now? I believe you mentioned it was in another genre, which is intriguing. I hate that you are giving up this genre, however you would characterize it, as you are absolutely supurb at creating these enthralling worlds that I immerse myself in by reading and re-reading each work in turn. Whatever you do, don’t stop writing!

    • Dear Melanie
      What would I do without such kind, generous readers? Answer: I’d be morose, difficult, chippy and at a loose end but perhaps more competent (due to having time heavily on my hands) at finding my way round modern technology. I’m not a Luddite. I just can’t manage any kind of machinery. Even the carpet shampooer reduces me to a weeping wreck. I will happily give you a hint about what I’m working on. I’m writing an historical detective story, in the person of a well-known figure from the Restoration, partly because I know that these are relatively easy to market but also because I adore doing the research and reading history books and it is really the most tremendous challenge. I am obliged to reinvent myself entirely if I want to continue to have a writing career. We shall see if I can make it work.
      Best wishes

  8. Kate Tudor said

    Dear Victoria,

    I’ve loved all of your books and have kept them to read again. Very sorry to hear that the current, short sighted, environment means that publishers are not producing hard copies of intelligent funny books. At least we have the Kindle and I’m very much looking forward to “Stormy Weather”, which I have just purchased. Please keep writing!

    Very best wishes and thanks for the pleasure your work has given me.


    • Dear Kate
      Lovely to hear from you and thank you very much for the compliments, most boosting for a flagging author (too much weeding in the cold). I hope you enjoy Stormy Weather

  9. Johanna Robinson said

    I have all your books and am very sorry not to be able to include a copy of Stormy Weather in my collection. Fortunately I was given a Kindle for my birthday and so have been able to read your latest work although I much prefer owning a real book.
    Your new work sounds interesting but I hope you will consider writing a novel which includes an update on the fortunes of Artemis and Jago. I
    I enjoyed Stormy Weather but Dance with Me and Clouds Among the Stars remain my favourites.

  10. Tracey Copeland said

    Oh what a shame, i love your books but dont like ereaders, i love the feel and look of books and text – is there no one willing to print this new edition?

  11. Elinor Florence said

    Just out of curiosity – how are the e-books selling? I assume this is an experiment on your publisher’s part, and I wonder if their decision has been justified, or if sales have fallen off. I read and enjoyed Stormy Weather on my ipad, with the help of a kindle app. Wonderful, as usual. I can’t wait to read the new novel.

  12. hup1001 said

    Need no kindle at all! Free download (easy to find) for Mac AND Windows. It works! There will never be better a reading then a real book. But ‘Ein jeder Wunsch, wird er erfüllt, kriegt automatisch Junge,’ Wilhelm Busch said. And I am happy, very happy indeed the weather stormed into my memory. By the way, what is the meaning of “synthingummy”, Harper Collins 2004, Moonshine,pg 133, line4-5 ?

  13. ayesha said

    I live on the other side of the world, in Pakistan, and am a huge,huge fan. i’ve read all your books several times and am quite distressed to hear your next one is a different genre!

    Your books are hard to find here so I was thrilled with the kindle edition for the last one although that’s not as satisfying as a hard copy.

    So when can we expect a new book?

  14. Dominique said

    Dear Victoria,
    I have loved your books from the moment I first picked up ‘Dance with Me’ in the library, I don’t know how many years ago. To then stumble upon ‘Running Wild’ and rediscovering Viola until finally seeing Marigold in ‘Stormy Weather’ is such a pleasure. I hope you do keep writing as you always have but that is speaking from the point of view of a selfish reader who is extremely attached to all the characters you have described. I understand though that times have changed and publishers seem to be dictating new terms. Wasn’t it enough that your words brought hours of happiness to so many of us? Very naive of me to wish this were so.
    Such a pity!
    I have to admit though that having worn through all my copies of all your books (I love them all equally) I very gladly bought the kindle editions too just in case any of my hardcopy books should fall apart or worse, disappear from my shelf. I prefer paper in my hands but I need my books to last me well into my old age.
    My husband has read only a handful of books beyond what was prescribed in his school days yet he understands completely how thrilled I am when you publish a new book. He seems to liken it to whenever a new limited edition of his favourite car is released although I don’t feel the two are quite the same. Still.
    Best of love and luck with what you are working on (the garden, the detective story)!

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