‘And now there came both mist and snow

February 7, 2012

And it grew wondrous cold. And ice, mast-high, came floating by,  As green as emerald’

Urn in canal garden.

I hope I’ve got that roughly right. It’ll be familiar to those of us over a certain age  who were made to learn chunks of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner at  primary school. I’ve always loved the poem despite the rhymes so often criticised by poetry pundits. Not me. Iused to shed tears for the poor albatross and felt the punishment meted out to the mariner was not nearly severe enough. (I’m talking about my 8 year old self. I no longer cry but my sentiments remain much the same). Well, the first two lines applied on Saturday though sadly NO EMERALD ICE. Chiz! (Tribute to recently deceased Ronald Searle)

Pyramid yews in south garden (a little wonky as trimmed last summer by husband)

Of course this is a pathetic dribble  by comparison with the deluge of white stuff you Canadian girls (women, guys, folks …I don’t want to offend anyone in these sensitive times) get each winter and I know we Limeys are a bit of a joke because England goes into profound shock at a faint dusting … airports and railway stations collapse, schools close and shoppers fight for the last packet of sugar. But some of us still feel a childlike excitement and revel in the beauty, the light, the silence.  My hens hate it.

VC on hen duty, necessary because foxes live in garden.

2 Responses to “‘And now there came both mist and snow”

  1. leoneruth said

    I have nothing but praise for you..your devotation to your clucky friends is remarkable.I can not begin to understand how cold you feel sitting out there in the snow…it looks wonderful, though. My daughter lived through a winter in Baltimore, Md,USA, and said her tongue used to freeze when she every time she opened her mouth.She was quiet a lot that winter.
    Here in Australia, there only a few places where snow settles and we all think it is so romantic to see snow falling.
    Thank you so much for your blog. I love reading it.
    Keep warm, best wishes,

  2. Annegret said

    When the Winter Chrysanthemums Go
    (Matsuo Basho)

    When the winter chrysanthemums go,
    there’s nothing to write about
    but radishes.

    What a lovely blog!

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