Running Wild now into Kindle

January 7, 2013

running_wildIt should appear on Amazon today or tomorrow.

This cover shows wild Lathyrus (sweet pea) clambering through an espalier tree of Discovery apple – to suggest the burgeoning fruitfulness of rural Dorset where the main action of the novel is set.

4 Responses to “Running Wild now into Kindle”

  1. Annegret said

    Greetings from the roadside!

    Some things are very dear to me—
    Such things as flowers bathed by rain
    Or patterns traced upon the sea
    Or crocuses where snow has lain …

    Gwendolyn B. Bennett (1902 – 1981)

  2. Lynn M. Kurzava PhD said

    Many people like eBooks and I’m sure there are happy readers out there who have read Stormy Weather in that format. I, however, am a bibliomaniac. I love books: I read them, read books about them, collect them, rescue and repair them, even make them. I only read real books. Therefore I am both disappointed and frustrated that your new book is not in print. Will it ever be? If so, when? The Kindle edition was “published” on 15 December 2011, and I am writing on 31 August 1913. A long time to wait for a book by a favourite author. How much longer?

    Are there other readers out there who crave to read Stormy Weather and are waiting for it to be published as a real book?

  3. Annegret said

    “Potatoes are important … Love fades and dust hath closed Helen’s eye but potatoes go on for ever. I do them in the pressure cooker, so they don’t take long.”

    From: D.E. Stevenson (1892-1973),
    Mrs. Tim Flies Home (1952)

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