More Kindling

October 21, 2012

The little bunch of short stories that used to be on my website are now published together as a Kindle e-book, and so are my children’s books.


9 Responses to “More Kindling”

  1. leoneruth said

    I do hope I shall be able to purchase these books.At present I am unable to. Amazon,com has…”‘ unavailable at present””

  2. leoneruth said

    Bingo! I have been able to purchase the books..I must have been too keen. My grandchildren love these books,I bought them in book form a couple of years ago,whilst I was in America visiting them.My little ones in Australia will be able to share them now. Cheers xxx .Leone.

    • Leone, I’m enchanted by your photograph …how attractive you are and how chic!

      • leoneruth said

        Thank you, Victoria…funny, because I think the same about you.
        I have loved reading ‘Running Wild” again. It was the first book of yours that I had read ,which left me searching for more of your books.They are all treasures and I love them all.We are having a very hot summer this year,so I am taking refuge from the heat ,under a shady tree, reading.
        The older I get the more I notice the heat,but it gives me a good excuse to sit quietly and read with the occasional swim in our beautiful ocean.The joy of being retired.
        I am waiting in anticipation for the rest of your books to go to Kindle.I do hope this is your plan,as I will buy them as soon as they are published.
        Cheers, Leone

  3. Philip Cupid said

    Dear Mrs Clayton,

    A most delightful novel which enthralled me for hours on end was yours ” A House Called Hadlows” given to me by my school, for reading proficiency at age 9. Elmcourt School which was an open air school for special children, i had a reading age of at least 16 or so, but maths escaped me totally and I crashed and burned at my 11 plus and never got going educationally until I went to college – loved your book all the while my other halfs spring cleaning

    • Philip Cupid said

      took my treasure away. Hope to see you perhaps look through childrens’ eyes once again.

      Kind Regards,

      Philip Cupid

      • Philip Cupid said

        Fan of yours for 40 years but internet has saved the day where I can say thank you to someone who made my childhood fabulous…

      • Thank you so much, Philip, for your kind words about The House Called Hadlows. I’m especially pleased because most people seem to prefer The Winter of Enchantment. They were bought out by different publishing houses, which was my agent’s doing. The editor of THCH said it was much better than WOE. In fact she thought so little of WOE that she said she would never have published it. Harsh words to an aspiring author aged twenty two! Just shows how different books seize the imagination of different people at different times in their lives. Your 11 plus experience must have discouraged you so much, which is a crying shame. I hope we’re all a bit more cautious about assessing children’s capabilities these days and about confusing taste and absolute judgements. Thanks a lot for getting in touch

      • Philip Cupid said

        Dear Mrs Clayton (Victoria),

        Er, where do i begin to say thank you again for such a great book although my junior school headmistress, Mrs Johns or my teacher, Mr Reteif, must have chosen your book from a multitude of others. I might have said it before; I am and I was very glad they did – I am shocked to know that a publisher did not see a great talent before them, I confess that I have not laid my eyes on WOE at all but perhaps I will when I can locate THCH!!

        A fond fan at heart

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