One more re-Kindled

December 26, 2012













And ‘Running Wild’ will be out in a week or so.

Best wishes to all my readers. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


6 Responses to “One more re-Kindled”

  1. judith brown said

    Dear Victoria clayton, I am so sad that I shall not be able to read ‘Stormy Weather’ – I do not possess a Kindle because I LIKE BOOKS! Is this book published as a real book anwhere? I like to go back and forth, hold a book, feel the pages, and a machine is not the same. Sadly yours, a fervent reader Judith Brown

  2. Mary Lockhart said

    Dear Victoria,

    It was an absolute delight for me this morning to discover that your books are reappearing on Kindle. Living in Canada, I had ordered them all from Amazon UK over the years. But now to be able to download them instantly in digital form is irresistible. And after my many hours spent searching futilely for authors like Victoria Clayton, I will now have the real Victoria Clayton backlist on all my devices. When bookstore customers ask for recommendations, this will be a no-brainer. Yay! I’ll be watching for you in the kindle best seller lists. Happy New Year!

  3. Elaine Girrior said

    I too am thrilled to be able to have your books on my Kindle, as arthritis is making it difficult to hold real books of any size. I am wondering if there is any chance “A Girl’s Guide to Kissing Frogs” will be available soon in Canada via Kindle. As we cannot order from the UK site. All the best for a wonderful 2013.

  4. leoneruth said

    Thank you Victoria,I have just purchased Running Wild.Cheers. Leone

  5. Elinor Florence said

    I, too, have purchased all your books on Kindle as well as owning the print copies. As your publisher no longer has to print and distribute your next novel, dare we hope that it will make its digital appearance soon?

  6. Tanya Aydon said

    You’ve been one of my favourite authors for years, ever since I first spotted Past Mischief and Dance With Me on one of those tables in Waterstones. After that I constantly checked for your next novel…but for far too long now I’ve left the shop disappointed – no new book from you and the prospect of blissful hours of reading. Finally turned to the internet to find out why – and yes there’s wonderful news that you’ve written another book, but…
    Please, please, given that your books are of such classic quality, and ones we all want to endlessly re-read, couldn’t you bring out Stormy Weather as a physical book?

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